8 Tips on how to play Roblox Piggy

This game is everywhere on YouTube, Discord, and especially Roblox.

Top 3 – Piggy tricks and tips (for the Players)

  1. Always make sure in the house map, for the green key, go in the room beside the spawn room for the Green key. If you don’t find it, just go to the bathroom for the plank. If it not even there then the green key  Should always at the bench while getting off the backyard or it could be at the bench near the kitchen door.
  2. Hmmm yes, it’s too annoying when we need to run for then wrench and drop the white key even if it is not used, and then run for the wrench again! Well, I have a wonderful trick for this, Drop the item at the spot of an item that has been used and it is not of any use and then go find the wrench and take the white key, and then soon you will win!
  3. Normally, everyone needs to beat chapter 12 maybe because some people have not got the endings as every use each another as a sacrifice. This is not good as we always ask our friend “please don’t kill me” This trick sometimes may work, go to the room where you need to put the potions, climb on them, and wait for Mr.P to arrive and keep jumping on his head and the piggy won’t catch you!

Now let’s all try to annoy piggy alright! Take the gun and keep on shooting for one minute and dance in front of the piggy. Well, now that is what I call Piggy Trolling.

  Top 5 Piggy Tips and Tricks (for the piggy)

  1.  Next up is if you are being attacked by Pony (friend of the survivor and attacks Piggy if given a carrot) in The Outpost map, and you see a soldier near you and Zizzy is farther then you go to the soldier and take Pony, and next pony will kill the soldier and give mercy on you.
  2. Next up is if you know that the player has the gun and will soon shoot you, just randomly keep on jumping round and round, side to side and everywhere, and when the shot misses, go get him, fellas.
  3. This one will be really annoying for the player, just camp at the exit and don’t give anyone piggy points for Buying skins that are coming out! Ssssh but let them finish their ammo first, and then camp, alright Commando!
  4. Bot trolling: many you tubers tried this trick, and you know what this trick really works. You can try it in Outpost as Soldier Piggy and camouflage with them and nobody will even notice! Try it as Zizzy in The Chapters Mall, City, and everywhere where she is not moving. Well, Pony can be camouflaged well as it is the skin that most glitches.
  5. Aw! The glitchers! So annoying they climb up on any wall, any ceiling, and where you cannot imagine! So, What is the best and the medicine for this? Yes of course the Black Hole traps, If you have them you can catch almost every glitcher lying anywhere.

Become doggy and capture the Forest and fake the Bot trolling and become victorious! It works but equips the police skin instead of the normal skin! In the alleys!

Top Piggy News …..

This game was made by a Roblox game developer. This game was created on 23rd January 2020. This game has the characters mostly from the kid’s cartoon, Peppa Pig. Now this game is getting updated as most of  The characters very much resemble the characters from Peppa pig.

Example: Daddy pig from Peppa pig.

And now let us have a look at the Father piggy at Roblox piggy

So, as you can see, he resembles a lot like Daddy pig from Peppa pig. They almost look the same, so for Reasons like Copyright issues and other things.  So that is why if you love old piggy characters, go and take  Screenshots or they will be gone, forever!

Piggy is going to be finally a fundamental game as almost every skin is going to be refurbished in the next Week. The soundtracks, jump scares, etc… the game is going to be cooler than ever…With these tweets, we found out that the update may come out when the release of Book 2 Chapter 3 releases which means, it could be this Sunday, November 1st, 2020.

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