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Hi there! I’m a Schoolboy by day, an Internet guy by night, and this is my website. I live in Pune, Maharashtra, have a great cat named Oggy, and I like Pina Coladas. (And gettin` caught in the rain)

Born to Maharashtrian (Maratha) and SouthIndian parent, Lived across many cities in India, starting Mumbai Thane, Ambernath, Bangalore, and Pune, Traveling places is one of my favorite hobbies.

The Harshal`s Web is an ultra-modern, and innovative idea founded in 2020 and has the intent to provide quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Pune City, do all kinds of awesome things on the internet like knowledge sharing about fiction and non-fiction documentary, Technical non-technical content write up, and also information related to Social science for community welfare.

My inspiration always starts with my parents, both truly deserve each other, and including me, it’s a threesome. My family surname “Kamoli” is what we all are living up to, who I admire the most. My Parents are my lifeline; both always have fulfilled my entire dream and have helped me to climb up the ladder at every step during my initial pre-primary days.

Harshal Web is Hub of Content writings, Technical, non-technical, and specialized in Website content write-up. Take the hassle out of content writing today with Harshal`s web and use our content writing services to find the perfect Content Writer for your website, SEO, or write-ups about social events, new product services, etc. Our team of Experts and top Content Creators and Content Marketers are ready to take your business to the next level that is servicing various clients in India and around the world.

Harshal’s Web is a knowledge base online encyclopedia in India and is the dynamic web environment that gathers a lot of information and makes it available to end-user to make efficient use of it. We at Harshals Web are very keen and selective about the topic, what to be published on our portal, hence we do a lot of keyword research about what users are looking for and go in line with and create informative content that is foolproof and can be easily perceived by end-user.

 Present days demand the technology-savvy people who can rely on online content and information which can be used in our day to day life. HW is not only the place where news and blogs can be used for upgrading your knowledge to the next level but also to build a robust network by connecting to the cohort of Harshals web user base.

For the best user experience, we encourage our users to create an account and subscribe to our channel to receive all future notifications and also there is a section on the web portal to share your valuable feedback which will help us to be a level where end users want us to see and listen. Moreover, this is a platform for all age groups to come and join us and be a part of the upcoming new generation thought leaders cohort.

Stay connected here for more education and fun!

Vision: To embellish the realm of the online encyclopedia

Mission statement: Hone collective research methodology and encourage new-age user group to step on and move one step forward to reach next level

Stay connected here for more education and fun!

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