Alleviate Boredom

Many of us, maybe children, elders, or senior citizens constantly complain about boredom, then their immediate attendant or caretaker usually assign them some task or work to keep them occupied and busy, in case of children they get household chores from their mother (Which is obvious😊)

How to kill time?

Boredom and lack of social interaction are customary, some seniors may find that without work, they are socially isolated and hence need to contact others to socialize, in other words like Kill Time.

Kill time means to do something that is not interesting or important to pass time. In the current scenario, it is of course very challenging, we usually kill the time when we are waiting for something that will take place a little later.

To intensify, we`ve got 4 hours until our flight to departure!

Then what do we do?  Most of the time, we pick a book, or a newspaper and start reading or maybe scanning OR just giving a flick (through) the content. I always combat boredom by reading books

A well-defined “to do” list is a great tool to keep handy for times when you may be tempted to eat out of boredom, stress, or other emotional responses. Boredom, frustration, and resentment towards the working partner are also quite common. If this occurs, find ways to remain relaxed and fight to push back boredom. A classic example is at the workplace, most of us must have come across a situation where you share a report to higher management in a Microsoft Excel format and you find that unnecessary formatting work is a wastage of time, which is killing your time of productivity. Hope some of you would agree with me.

How to alleviate boredom?

Staring out of the window and philosophizing is a great way to kill time, listening to music, meditating, practicing yoga are some great tools that potentially help alleviate boredom.

Back in the day, during college, we use bunk lectures, especially math lectures, and head towards the college canteen or maybe to a college campus and watch around to kill the time and then get back ready for the next interesting lecture with full excitement.


Well, in addition to human imprint, the brain is the size of a planet and he or she suffers from severe boredom because he or she never challenged to fully use their brain capacity. Hence, we need to make a resolution that this year would be full of excitement and adventures, not boredom.

Daniel Kruger of the Institute for social research was curious about how quickly people used their cell phones while passing the time waiting. Take breaks! You deserve it: Allow yourself a luxurious break of 5 minutes every half an hour. Dance, listen to music, scroll through social media, and eat, then straight get back to work at the end of the 5th minute, which will provide huge opportunities for everyone to have fun.

A well-rounded exercise program will also help to alleviate boredom.

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