Do you want to know how I conquered the first island in Mineblocks Part 2?

Hey Viewers,

Let me tell you, today was another awesome day for me in terms of playing with a new trick in Mineblocks.
For your information, YES, I explore a bit today and conquered an island in Mineblocks part 2.
Also while playing, I enjoyed doing the Parkour and made some new friends, Pets!
And found another Island which was shaped similar to our Main Island, But comparatively a bit smaller.
While I was on the island, I discovered there were many ores like Diamonds, Iron, Redstone, and Coal.
I attempted parkour as well, then I realized, I have achieved the title of Parkour master.
More achievements were pouring into my basket, and I got Emeralds, Diamonds, Iron, Coal, and finally Redstone
and next time, the Parkour stage will level up to the third level and I am sure, It will be tough than the one which I conquered today!

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