Do you want to know the secret on how to play Mineblocks?

Hey viewers,

Today, I played a mod made by my friend, and it puffed my mind up, it was amazing stuff made by him. While I was playing, I discovered the secrets on how to WIN the mod the easy way!

I’m glad to inform y’all that I made good progress in MineBlocks, in which I formed a cave for shelter by gathering wood, iron, stones, and dirt. Then, I also did some parkour made by my pals to gather a bunch of Coal.

Fortunately, I observed, one weird thing about the mod, that there were cakes all around the Island, which tempted me throughout the recording!
You can find the secrets in my video. Hope you will enjoy my video, and make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and turn on ALL NOTIFICATIONS so you don’t miss my awesome game simulations

Stay safe and cool, I am gonna meet you all in my next one, bye for now !!!

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