Do you want to wear All the RB Battles Swords Together?

Hey Viewers,

Welcome back to another Roblox Video Content where we have tried an Amazing thing, It is almost the end of RB Battles and maybe even the finals must have been started by you to see this video. Someone discovered that we can wear all of the swords, Aah ah, not only one but all of them.

Here is the deal, If you all have not found the swords, then take a step back and watch my last video “Getting All The RB Battles Swords” which I had released yesterday, I am sure it will help you all greatly. To make this easier for you All, I also left the Sword Id’s so it won’t be so hard for ya’ll

DJ’s Sword of Agility- 5909771378
Russo’s Sword of Truth-5909776064
Sabrina’s Sword of Healing-5909764637

Also, DO NOT remove anything in your advanced options, you may get bugged, and if wearing any of the three swords, Watch the codes and do not repeat them again, I am sure you would have got it by NOW 🙂 If not, then check out my last video “Getting All The RB Battles Swords” and Also follow Harshal Playz Roblox’s for more videos on this. If you are still confused with building the Ultimate Sword, then follow my channel, and watch the video at Harshal Plays Roblox’s!

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