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Annamalai university distance education

Annamalai university distance education

The board of directors of Distance Education established in 1979, currently offers quite 

hundreds of completely different programmes underneath the Regular Stream. it's 

attributable with the biggest entry in India and is well equipped with pc and alternative 

infrastructure, adequate teaching college and body set-up of its own, study centres, pc 

coaching centres, etc., to serve its students' people in their best interest at their door 

steps. it's conjointly the distinctive distinction of giving 1st in Bharat, Postgraduate Degree 

Programmes in psychological science, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Bioinformatics 

and Law through Distance Education mode. The board of directors of Distance Education is 

additionally giving the Programmes on Fashion style, Textile style, Interior style, building 

Management and occupation Technology Programmes, Retail Management, multiparous 

The programme, Programmes on Health Science, Yoga, Music, hearth and Safety.

All the programmes of study offered by the board of directors of Distance Education have,

the approval of the gap Education Council, New Delhi. The board of directors has,

introduced B.Ed. Programme through distance education mode from the year 2008-09 with,

the approval of National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi.

How to apply :

Annamalai Students come from across the country and around the world. They represent a

various section, comprising assorted backgrounds and cultures. the varied courses offered,

by the University sprawls across completely different disciplines.

Admissions to the varied skilled courses area unit supported the laws stipulated by the 

Tamilnadu admissions in skilled Education establishments Act 2006.

Admission to all or any courses area unit strictly supported benefit following the

foundations of reservation of the T.N government.

The University offers each undergraduate and  Post Graduate programmes together with a 

number of sheepskin programmes. the small print of every course is given underneath the,

a college that provides the course. The application to all or any of the Courses area unit,

through the net registration and submission of hardcopy to the university.

Courses and syllabi :

The Institute offers around 204 courses to its students with levels excluded.

These courses include specialization in law, medical, engineering, and a lot more.

The syllabi are designed accordingly. 

Students who want to pursue any degree which is offered over here, which probably is all, 

shall apply at this university. As the faculty is the best and the facilities provided can't be,

afforded to deny. 


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