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Mumbai Chicken Biryani

Mumbai Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a mixed Rice dish originating among the Muslims of the Indian landmass.

It's prepared with Indian spices, rice, and meat (chicken, beef, goat, lamb, prawn, or fish),

and typically, additionally, eggs and/or vegetables like potatoes in certain regional varieties.

Biryani is standard throughout the Indian landmass, also among its diaspora.

It's conjointly ready in alternative regions like elements of  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq.


Well, here we'll talk about Chicken Biryani. This is one of the most common

types of biryani which people have on a regular basis, as it is quite easy

compared to the other biryanis.

Varieties :

There is N number of varieties of Chicken Biryani based on the location.

A few are :

•    Delhi Biryani

•    Hyderabadi Biryani

•    Dhakiya Biryani

•    Memoni Biryani

•    Kalyani Biryani

•    Rawthar Biryani

•    Kolkata Biryani

•    Sindhi Biryani

Receipe :

To steep the chicken for the biryani, mix the oil, garlic, ginger, chili peppers,mint,

cilantro, garam masala, cinnamon, and salt in an exceedingly giant bowl and stir along. 

Add the chicken items and toss along ensuring the chicken is totally coated

within the marinade. enable the chicken too steep for a minimum of one

hour or up to long.In a pot wide enough to carry the chicken in an

exceedingly single layer, add the clarified butter and onions

and saute the onions till they're well caramelized (15-20 minutes).

Transfer the caramelized onions to a bowl and put them aside.

While the onions caramelize, prepare the rice by laundry in an exceedingly

filter underneath cold running water till the water runs clear.

To par-boil the rice, add the water, salt, cardamom, cumin, and herb to a

pot and produce to a boil.Add the raw rice and boil for at least seven


Drain the rice, by reserving one cup of the liquid.In the pot, you caramelize

the onions in, add the chicken in an exceedingly single layer, skin-side

down. Fry till golden brown on one facet (about five minutes).

Flip the chicken over and fry the opposite facet till golden brown. Move

the chicken again back to the bowl you marinated it in.

To assemble the biryani, add the saffron to the rice and toss to distribute

equally. Add the rice mixture to the all-time low of the pot you suntanned

the chicken in top the rice with the chicken in an exceedingly single layer.

Top the chicken with a good layer of caramelized onions. Finish making the

Biryani by adding the remainder of the rice is a good layer.

Add one cup of the reserved liquid from boiling the rice. Cowl the pot with a

lid and place the pot on the stove over medium heat and set the timer for

twenty minutes.

Once you see steam escaping from underneath the lid, flip down the

warmth to low and continue the change of state till the timer cracks and so

put off the warmth.

Without gaping the lid, set the timer for one more ten minutes to steam the

biryani. Mix the Chicken Biryani along and so transfer to a serving platter.

Garnish with contemporary cilantro and serve.



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