How to get the Bess skin in Piggy !

Your objective should be how to collect eggs around the corners of the maps of Piggy: Book 2!

What I have discovered so far is, in some maps, there is a need to complete the maps, and in some, you don’t even need to open a door

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In Map 1 Alleys
Egg 1: Is hidden in the museum between two chairs.
Egg 2: Around the corner of the Red Door, in front of the code

In Map 2 Store
Egg 1: As soon as you spawn, there is a sign that says “Exit”, there is an egg behind the sign.
Egg 2: You need to unlock the Greenroom and grab the scissors. After that, head on to the Greenroom to cut the grass and you will find the last egg.

In Map 3 Refinery
Egg 1: As soon as you cut the first fence, there is an egg hidden behind the group of cars.
Egg 2: For this egg, you need to unlock the Greenroom and head upstairs, also head towards the room on your Right, there should be an egg hidden by the place.

In Map 4 Safeplace
Egg 1: Use the Screwdriver and the ladder, finish most of the map including all of the floors, then grab the hammer which is mostly located in the Blue room, to break the safe in the last room. Then grab the Fire Extinguisher to blow out the fire and grab the egg behind one of the pillars which are purple in color.
Egg 2: Grab the Elevator key to open up the elevator, then go to the room in which the radio is kept. Get near to the elevator and as the elevator arrives, get in it and there should be an egg in the top left corner of the Elevator.

You are almost done, just 2 chapters to go!

In Map 5 Sewers
Egg 1: This egg is just hidden as you open up the door near the purple safe, just beside the stand/shelf.
Egg 2: For this egg, you need to use the screwdriver and the gears to remove the sewer water and grab the Blue key to unlock the Blue room, and near the corner of the map, there should be a Black egg.

In Map 6 Factory
This one is rather easier, you don’t need to open that many rooms. Do stay away from Willow though!

Egg 1: As you spawn, open the red room to grab the blue key which should be where Willow spawns. After that, open the room and behind the red rusty stands, there should be a Mr.P egg hidden behind them.
Egg 2: Just after step 1, you might find a Green key, using which you need to open up the Greenroom. After you’ve opened that, behind one of the machines, there is an egg but be careful as this egg is a little hard to find as it blends in with the machine.

After that, you should hear a ” Chi-Ching” noise which tells you that you have successfully completed the Egg Hunt!
And you’re done! Enjoy Bess, A Piggy Easter Bunny skin

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