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Another chapter opens in US politics: Vice President Harris

Another chapter opens in US politics: Vice President Harris

Vice president Kamala Harris becomes the first woman to hold the second-highest office in,

American politics. She set a milestone by becoming the first-ever black woman to enter the

white house as a vice president and not only a guest. She made history in American politics

and broke various barriers and boundaries.

Her rise in the position of Vice president as a black woman of south Asian descent has given,

hopes to the black, community of America. They can now dream of the impossible and also look,

forward to more secure life on the grounds of America. Vice president Kamala Harris has set,

an example of expanding ideas and falling prejudices. Her rise in the second-highest office of,

American politics will give new perspectives to ideas and debates.

All the unfulfilled dreams of American politics can be realized through Vice President Kamala,

Harris, The event has proven to be more meaningful because Kamala Harris took her office,

as the Vice President, of America when Americans are fighting against racism and confronted,

the pandemic that has proven to be, devastating for the brown and black communities,

of America. She came as a symbol of expanding ideas and opened doors for diverse,

communities to participate in the politics of America. There has always been segregation,

in American politics between the blacks and the whites. But with the second-highest office taken,

by a Black woman who is Kamala Harris, all this segregation and walls have been broken down.

This will become one of the golden chapters written in the history of American politics.

Her speech on the Inauguration day in Washington DC also was filled with powerful words,

of wisdom. She took the oath and with that oath, she made history in American politics.

She encouraged people to not give up on dreaming even in the darkest of times and to rise,

above all the odds. She addressed all of us as brave, fearless, and ambitious and that we can,

rise when there is a belief in our hearts. Her words have sparked inspiration among diverse,

communities of America and gave hope to start a new and glorious chapter in the book of,

American politics.

Vice President Kamala Harris also supported the black community by wearing a deep purple,

a dress designed by emerging Black designers. Her subtle ways of breaking the barriers have

already impressed many. She expanded the idea of what is possible in the politics of America.

Her growth from Senator from California to The Vice President of America has inspired,

millions to live up to their dreams and not fear the barriers. Being a wife and stepmother,

of two children, she also proved the power of women in the world. This achievement of,

Kamala Harris has also proven to be a proud moment for Indians since she is of Indian origin.

President Joe Biden acknowledged Kamala Harris is the first woman to take an oath for,

the second-highest office in the politics of America. The swearing-in ceremony of,

Kamala Harris holds the most symbolic significance in the history of the world.

Her being elected as the Vice president will give a new perspective to the definition of,

who gets to hold the power in, the politics of America. She has defined the story of how,

black women have broken all the barriers, have won the vote and spread, and insisted,

on following equality for all humans irrespective of their origin.

Her rise for power in America will provide people with insights into politics run by black women.

Kamala Harris has truly begun a new chapter in the politics of America.


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