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COVID 19 bought forth Vices and Virtues

COVID 19 bought forth Vices and Virtues

6th June 2020 : Mumbai 6 pm: I was just off the phone from the hospital.

The doctors at Breach candy mentioned that my dad was very critical

and he was in ICU. That same moment, I received what’s app message

from a LAB, my mom’s swab test for COVID 19 was positive.

I immediately called up the hospital, they suggested that I manage her

health at home ,taking all the precautions required until a bed can be arranged

With the help of a nurse, we kept a close vigil on mom progress.

Her breathlessness and cough showed no sign of improvement.

With no assurance as to when the bed will be arranged,

I needed a backup plan. I reached out to friends and relatives

who could help me in finding an ICU bed in hospitals.

The word was out and there was a sudden flow of Virtues and Vices.

We humans, wear a mask, it is only in such times,

we see a true picture of what lies behind that mask, Virtue or Vice.

There was a flow of virtues from relatives and from people

who were total strangers to us, they were more than willing to help.

They became my strength to face the challenges ahead of me.

On the other hand, there were some acquaintances

who boasted of having a profile, where anything can be arranged

at a snap of their fingers, but there was a price for such a snap.

The price was Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000 for an ICU Bed per night.

The snap of his finger, resonated through the phone, it set me thinking.

“can I trust him with my mom, he is a businessman and a doctor.

To him, she will be just another opportunity to make quick bucks.

She will be in a COVID ICU ward. I will not be allowed to visit her,

I will have no insight on the treatment she would be receiving,

and maybe he will have a price on his mouth too, to give a regular

update on her health. I felt, by accepting such a proposition,

would be sending her behind closed doors, where she will all alone.

She is 77years old, she needs her family and regular communication with us.

Luckily the same evening, by god grace, I received a call from Breach Candy hospital,

they are ready to take my mom in. I was so relieved.

My mom is in the hands of professional doctors now.

Fruit for thought: We all are opportunist but should it be at expense of shedding

our loyalties to our profession?If yes then, what advice do we have to today’s doctors,

medical workers, police officers and essential staff,

who are working day and night, so that we can be at home safe?

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