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Covid 19, poor man’s sorrow, rich man’s fight

Covid 19, poor man’s sorrow, rich man’s fight

Mumbai 26th July 2020 : At the Bandra Worli Sea link Toll station,

I handed Rs 105 at the counter to a man wearing a cloth mask.

He was wearing his mask under his nose. I thought to myself,

what an idiot he is, he should be wearing a N 95 mask and a face shield.

He is not only a risk to himself but to the others too in these Covid times.

A minute later i realized, with his daily wages, he has choice, either to

buy a N 95 masks and shield, or buy food for himself and his family.

Covid 19 pandemic fight is universal but for less affluent, it has become

one more additional challenge , an additional headache. People, who have

mild symptoms of Covid 19, are in Mental denial and refrain from getting themselves

tested due to the expense as well as the stigma attached to it.

Our government needs to subsidize the medication and Covid testing.

Medicines such as Fabi flu, prescribed to mild to moderate cost Rs 3,500 per strip,

that last for 4 days. It is a 14 day course. Injections Such as Redesivir for critical patient,

cost Rs 8000 per vial. Covid Testing at government certified lab cost Rs 2,500.

Today’s Reality check: People who are able to afford,

they are able to buy “‘Covid free tomorrow”‘

But when the currency is in short supply, then “‘we just buy today”‘

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