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If you can Dream it , you can do it

If you can Dream it , you can do it

Standing at the base of the fort, craning my neck back by 50 degrees,

the height of the fort dazzled me. That was when  I saw a young man,

half my age, climbing down the stairs of the fort looking totally exhausted.

Looking at him, I almost gave up the idea of the trek.

There are over 300 stairs, fit for Horse’s gait and height.“‘

I will have to climb the stairs using all my limbs”

I said to my husband. ……….I felt sweat over my forehead. …..

Without waiting for an answer from my husband, I decided to take up the challenge.

It was a promise I had made to myself,

to regain my fitness after getting Covid 19 on 25th June 2020

It was the month of August 2020, three months from getting Covid 19,

I thought I have recovered from it. But then simple tasks like climbing 2 floors,

walking 2.5 km, or even making a Seven-minute Speech felt like a Titan task.

I was getting easily breathless and often broke into a sweat doing even

when small activities. I used to feel occasional pain around the Rib cage

and now I knew my Lungs too have been impacted.

I had two choices, either let time heal my body on its own or

I help my body to heal my Lungs. I joined GYM, Yoga.

On 25 th March 2021 after climbing more than 300 steps in around an hour, 

after watching a snake pass by in Infront of my feet and with a hole in my shoe,

due to a razor-sharp stone edge,

I felt content and happy.

Walt Disney said “’ If you can Dream it, you can do it’’

I totally validated it, just reading it. But Today

I realized between dreaming your dream and dreaming of doing it,

there is a bridge that we need to cross.

Working hard to ward’s the Dream and pure perseverance is the only way to cross it.

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Archana Jalan

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Archana Jalan, a Dietitian by education. Implementation of education takes care of my physical health. I practice writing my thoughts and my emotions. It helps me analyse better and enhance my skills such as reasoning, problem solving and developing solutions. My medium of expressions is through script writing for speeches, blogs and now Content writing.


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