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My Mother

My Mother

life is a bicycle , to keep moving forward, keep peddling - Albert Einstine

Be it a game in real life, or routine game of Snakes and ladder at night,

my mom never leaves a game unfinished. She would play it till the end.

It did not matter if she was winning or losing.

On 18th of June, after receiving a phone call from me,

my mother pressed the red button on her ICU Bed,

she called the nurse. She asked the nurse, to bring a wheel chair and

then asked her to take her to bed no: 701,

that was just around the corner. She came to the room, looked at her partner,

her husband,

who has been her center of her world for 50 years now.

She bid her final farewell and then came to her room,

and in a very calm voice called me up and said” I know you are alone,

you need to be strong . You will complete the last rites of your dad”.

I was shocked at my mom composure,

I was worried sick for last 20 min since I had the called to tell her to say”dad is no more”.

I was worried , as how would she react to the news, who will comfort her in a COVID ICU ward,

what will I do if she cries inconsolably. Standing in the hospital lobby ,

just 7 floors below them, I felt utterly helpless.

To my surprise, her composure acted like a booster shot of courage and

energy that I desperately needed to deal with the situation.

She did not give up. She is 77 years old , who fought full blown Covid Virus and,

today she is COVID free. She is my mother.

Life is indeed a Bicycle dear friends, do not give up, stay mentally and

emotionally positive. We are all together, in the fight against COVID virus.

Together we peddle away from the road of today’s pandemic.

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Archana Jalan

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Archana Jalan, a Dietitian by education. Implementation of education takes care of my physical health. I practice writing my thoughts and my emotions. It helps me analyse better and enhance my skills such as reasoning, problem solving and developing solutions. My medium of expressions is through script writing for speeches, blogs and now Content writing.


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