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Restore our Earth - 22nd April

Restore our Earth - 22nd April

The ecosystem is at stake due to global warming and change in the climate.

“Restore our Earth” is a process that focuses on the improvement of natural

processes and emerging green technologies. In 1970, during inception,

it was practiced and promoted to have a clean and healthy living,

and the habitat for the people and wildlife need to be sustainable.

It is so very important to protect our planet Earth, therefore we celebrate,

22nd April every year as “Earth Day.”

Earth Day, the 22nd of April every year, There is an international social,

an occasion celebrated across the globe, and pledge support to protect,

the environment. The current year is the 51st Anniversary of the Annual honoring.

Planning and protecting our Planet Earth is each one’s responsibility.

Remember there is NO option for Planet B,

hence everyone must play a vital role and show interest and save the natural,

resources and humankind.

The greatest fear and danger, is when People think, why only I need to contribute?

there will be someone, else who will come and save our Planet Earth.

We need to break this Myth and start owning responsibility

and join hands and root for the leaders who are driving the event “Restore our Earth.”

Harshals Web support team, wishes you a Happy Earth Day 22nd April.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and God bless.


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