Online Teaching Opportunities

online teaching opportunities
Online Teaching opportunities in India

How can we explore teaching opportunities?

Online teaching is something which is not a traditional way of core teaching, but do you know something? Online teaching can earn huge money, compare to offline. The good part is, it saves cost for the end-users in terms of traveling and then accommodation (if a workshop is for more than a day) and then saves money to be spent on essential classroom attire, and more importantly its saves time.

VIP Kid – is one of the best paid for teaching jobs online? Anyone interested in teaching English online then VIPKID is the first to be in your go-to list. Planning, grading, curriculum, and all types of lessons are very well elaborated and can take care to concentrate on the best of your knowledge.

Basic prerequisites: Teaching or mentoring experiences with a bachelor’s degree

Average salary per hour $14-$18 per hour plus incentives (as applicable)

How much do online tutors earn in India?

online teaching jobs for primary classes
online teaching jobs for primary classes
Online Tutors earn in India

online teaching jobs for primary classes are greatly available and nowadays, parents are willing to get education for their kids online for the best of the best teaching academy or an expert experienced teacher. Demand for an online tutor are increasing and are expected to get paid anything in between Rs 300 to Rs 1100 per hour for online tutoring depending on the subjects and syllabus CBSE, ICSE or IGCSE. Per the market survey, Expert Indian teachers are earning to an extent of Rs 70,000 per month by providing online teaching for just 4-5 hours daily to K-12 students.

In India, as per survey report from Glassdoor, best paying online teaching jobs as

Online Tutor – Monthly


salaries – ₹ 13,864/mo -₹11K₹22K

Online Tutor – Hourly

Tutor Vista

4 salaries-₹ 187/hr ₹ 152₹ 389

Online Tutor – Monthly


2 salaries – About – ₹1K – ₹24K ₹1K₹24K

Online Tutor – Hourly


2 salaries – About – ₹ 431 – ₹2K

hourly – ₹ 431₹2K

Online Tutor – Hourly

TechKnit IT

2 salaries – about – ₹ 140 – ₹ 176

hourly – ₹ 140₹ 176

Online Tutor – Hourly


1 employee salary or estimate

About – ₹ 269 – ₹ 290

hourly – ₹ 269₹ 290

Online Tutor – Monthly

1 employee salary or estimate

About – ₹4K – ₹4K

Earning opportunity for online tutor in India was never so easy, now you can make good money by providing online teaching and set a recurring extra income without disturbing your current employment as a part-time or full time as online tutoring jobs for teachers are now in full demand. If you are an expert in any particular subject then go for it, else you can teach pretty much all subjects as well but need to get hands and revise the syllabus which you studied during your school or college days.

Basically parent is your target clients, so it depends on how many clients you have and how many hours you spend for online teaching to generate a handsome income around Rs 20000 to 40000 as an online tutor.

The market survey reports 8 websites which are open for opportunities for online Teacher and managed virtual teaching jobs

Online teaching jobs in india Harshals Web
Online teachers Virtual jobs

1.   –  A online tutoring platform in India, which is best platform for all end users who to make money by investing 2-4 hours daily and earn handsome money around Rs 20000 and has potential to grow income till Rs 80,000 if you go full time.

Application process to apply to job is fast and simple; it takes hardly a week’s time to get in hiring. Basic requirement for job is to have a good laptop with internet connectivity.

2.   – Always the best for searching online tutors based on the location, has great potential to connect job seekers with job provider. Also, the best part is you can work from home or anywhere, with a internet and desktop or laptop.

3.   – US-based, Chegg is a huge large online teaching website. Anyone who has potential and carries a basic minimum qualification and credentials with expertise on particular subject then can apply and earn handsome salary as part-time full time in online teaching. The application process is competitive but promising to pay online tutoring fees starting $20 per hour

4.   – This website connects students, parents and educators and provides mix solutions and learning experiences for everyone. is great place to work and more importantly professional is charged and paid per hour, which helps a student, parents to make a quick decision and try and then choose the best faculty. The application process for applying online tutoring is simple and the learning curve for students is simply awesome.

5.   – starting hourly charges for online tutors on is $25 which one of the best prices paid for online tutor compares to any other online tutor academy. The basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree and relevant teaching experience. If you have Master degree then its an added advantage to get a specialized subject as per your expertise.

6.   – All help that is required for any home network, this is correct place to login and get connected for especially online tutoring for homework. Great data exposure of 12000 plus questions posted every day for the best use for end-user.

7. Great learning experience and can earn $18 per hour approximately including incentives. Tutor me allow a flexible timelines for work from home and anywhere, just the basic requirement is to have good internet connectivity and a desktop or a laptop. Based on the expertise and your subject knowledge its flexible and tutor choice to post their availability and get hired

8. – Another great platform for all aged users to come and learn and to teach languages. Most common languages are not easily available hence verb ling assess your common language and hire you and align to the best requirement. A basic requirement is to be a native speaker and strong control on vocabulary which increases your chances of getting your profile selected.

Harshals Web

Present days, due to COVID-19, the market itself is demanding work from home environment and all business requirements are via virtual meets with Zoom, WebEx etc. Academic teaching also is not far from these environmental changes, now a day’s all schools have adapted online schooling, started online classes and more importantly its absolutely working fine !

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