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One day tour to Sinhagad Fort

One day tour to Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad is the hill fort situated around 35 kilometers towards the southwest of Pune, India.

A number of obtainable, at this fort, says that the fort might have been engineered 2000

years ago. The caves and the carvings within the Kaundinya Eshwar temple stand as,

proof for the same.

Previously called Kondana, the fort has witnessed many battles, most notably the Battle,

of Sinhagad in 1670. Perked on associate isolated drop-off of the Bhuleswar place,

the Sahyadri Mountains, the fort is located on a hill, 760 meters above,

the ground and 1312 meters above the main water level.

The Sinhagad (Lion's Fort) was strategically engineered to produce natural protection,

because of its terribly steep slopes. The walls and bastions were created solely at key,

places. The square measure 2 gates to enter the fort, the Kalyan Darwaza, and

Pune Darwaza that, square measure positioned at the southeast and northeast,

ends severally.

The fort is strategically situated at the center of a string of different Indian Empire forts,

like Rajgad Fort, Purandar Fort, and Torna Fort.

Guide for Sinhagad from Mumbai by roadways :

If you're traveling from the urban center of Mumbai, then it's convenient to reach Pune,

by road through, the Mumbai-Pune state highway. From the urban center, it's around

a 3-4 hours journey to Sinhagad fort.  The space from Mumbai to Sinhagad fort is,

around 190km. From Mumbai head towards Panvel. Use a categorical route to reach,

Pune via Lonavala. Then head towards Pimpri-Chinchwad, Kothrud to reach Sinhagad Fort.

Pune town is well connected to all or any of the cities, of Maharashtra and other regions,

of the nation by road. It's well connected by State Transport buses (ST).

Several luxuries, semi-luxury, buses run towards Pune, from the urban center,

Pune, Satara, Kolhapur, and different major cities.

For luxury travel, tourists can use Shivneri bus services to reach Pune, and from Pune,

one can reach the fort exploring local transport, auto, personal cars, or Uber.

Via Train:

Pune is a junction and it's well connected by local and passenger trains.

Mostly all trains halt in Pune station as it's named as Pune junction.

Regular daily trains run from Metropolis and Nashik for Pune.

From Pune railroad station, tourists can rent a cab to reach Sinhagad fort.

Via Airways :

Pune landing field is nearly 45km from Sinhagad Fort and it's well connected to the city.

Also, the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

From, Pune landing field, tourists can rent a non-public, which means a private cab to reach the fort.

Sinhagad Fort is a historical place and a tourist attraction is not just applauded for its beauty,

but also for the location, which is well connected to Pune.

The view is worth value for the efforts taken to reach there,

so one must experience and visit the site once in their lifetime.


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