Will, my Aim improve if i play Arsenal after a long time? Arsenal Part 5

Hey viewers,

Today I played Arsenal after a long time, and trust me, I felt I am BEST at Arsenal!

Is my comeback the reason behind this? I don’t know but i think it surely is.

It was just Awesome ,as i played it after a long time!

Though in the start I felt like a Noob, with my consistent performance, my game improved a lot and I finally achieved 3rd Place!

then i realized, How can a guy with like 88 levels be a Noob.

I am also pretty rich at Arsenal now, well I mean i have almost 33,000 Arsenal Bucks or whatever it is called. i don’t buy crates but I do like buying the Items that appears in my shop.

It was pretty nice being to a game which I really liked, and believe me if you all wanna be Pro or at least get till the top, all you need to do is play your Favorite music
while playing Arsenal!

It energizes me to stay focused in the Game while hearing music.

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